Blood Quantum



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What is blood quantum? Blood quantum is a system used in the United States on determining whether a person is Native American. This system uses the Native American blood that someone descends from and bases that off on how much someone’s blood is actually American Indian. For example, someone who’s great grandfather was a full blood Native American procreated with a non-native, then that person’s grandparents would be considered only half Native American. If that same persons grandparents then also created children (the persons parents) with another non-native then those children would only be considered a quarter Native American. If the same thing kept reoccurring, than the later generations blood quantum levels would decrease going to one eighth, one sixteenth and eventually deplete. Of course if someone were to have children with another Native American than the blood quantum levels would increase depending how much the other person is.

Altogether, blood quantum is used by the government to define Native Americans. Although blood quantum is a big piece in defining someone as a Native American the question is, is it right and was it created for the betterment of American Indians or is there a hidden agenda behind it? In my eyes I believe that this system was created to help add to the cause of westernizing North America and help getting rid of its current inhabitants. The reason being is because there are only so few federally recognized Native Americans left in today’s society and the likelihood that every single American Indian will reproduce with another American Indian are slim. This means gradually over time, a person will not even be able to be considered as a Native American because their blood will be so diluted due to other races intertwining with it. So blood quantum really does help to extinguish Native Americans. Also, American Indians are the only race in the America’s that have to identify themselves in such manners. No other race needs proof of blood to determine what race they are such as whites, African-Americans, Hispanics. No matter what though, blood quantum is the only way someone can be federally recognized as American Indian. So this is a big part in someone defining themselves as a Native American.


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